Green Jobs for Product Managers

Product Managers with Green Ambitions

So you’re a talented product manager. You work with a great team and you annihilate every obstacle which gets in your way, but you can’t help but feel that something is still not quite right?

You scroll through instagram and see the world’s melting *sigh, you keep scrolling.

You know you want to do something about it and you can’t help but think your skills could be better put to use solving more important problems like climate change!

You’re not alone.

Green Product Managers

Product Managers around the world feel the exact same way. And like you, they’re ready to do something about it.

That’s great news.

Just think how amazing it would be if all this talent which is locked up optimising the UX for some marketing app could be directed towards developing and growing products that are directly contributing towards solving climate change?

It’s early days, yes. But thankfully some product managers have begun heading in this direction already.

Green Startups Need Great Product Managers

Amazon, Disney, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and Salesforce recently came together, creating a business alliance to scale climate change solutions.

This sets the stage for a new wave of green innovation. It provides the support required for smaller product companies to begin sprouting up in a rapidly growing market.

Pachma are backed by Microsoft, Y Combinator, Amazon and others in a mission to harness AI to drive carbon capture and protect global forests.

Klima, a B2C carbon offsetting app is built by a distributed team spread across 5 continents, united by one goal, Making climate action simple for everyone.

These are just two examples of innovative startups solving one very important problem, Climate Change.

Green jobs for product managers image of app encouraging renewable energy and energy conservation

Green Jobs for Product Managers

100’s of new businesses are sprouting up all the time, presenting Product Managers with an endless stream of new green career opportunities.

So if you’er still stuck in a 9 to 5 and solving problems you don’t believe in, maybe now is the time to start looking into Green Jobs for Product Managers.

Find Green Jobs is a job curation platform which collects green jobs from companies and organisations all around the world to help you build a greener economy.