What are Green Jobs?

What are Green Jobs?

A Green Job is any job which benefits the environment or helps to conserve natural resources in some way. Green jobs exist in many different industries.

If the activities of a business help improve the environment then the business creates green jobs. For example, businesses that design and manufacture Wind Turbines or Solar Panels create green jobs.

Why are Green Jobs Important?

Humans are having a negative impact on the environment in a number of ways such as Climate Change, Species Extinction, Plastic Waste and Food Waste and many people agree that businesses and organisations have a major role to play in improving the health of the planet. Green Jobs are important because they enable us to reduce the negative impact we are having on the environment.

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How can Green Jobs help our Environment?

Green jobs help our environment by achieving things with a smaller environmental impact than other methods. Let’s take a look at generating electricity as an example.

You can generate electricity in different ways, and at the time of writing (2021), around 40% of global electricity generation was done through burning coal. Burning coal releases Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere and contributes towards Climate Change.

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In 2020, roughly 10% of global electricity was generated by wind turbines and solar panels. While manufacturing wind turbines and solar panels does have an environmental impact, its environmental impact is less than generating the same amount of electricity by burning coal.

Green jobs in the solar and wind industries generate electricity and help our environment by releasing less CO2 into the atmosphere than burning coal.

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What are examples of Green Jobs?

Green jobs exist in many different industries. Like any industry, it takes a large group of people with different skills to come together and get the job done. Areas creating lot’s of green jobs now are in Renewable Energy, Sustainable Products and Cleantech.

A site manager, customer service representative and an account manager are all green jobs when they are part of a business or an organisation that helps the environment. The list of potential green jobs is huge.

Below is a short list of companies who have green jobs. 



Who Gives a Crap

Apeel Sciences


Where can I find Green Jobs?

Find Green Jobs

It’s going to take a lot of work to get the environment into a more sustainable shape than it is now, and it’s going to require people from different industries working together all around the world. Below are some websites that curate and share green jobs for different industries, including our own (findgreen.jobs).



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